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What we do

During 2010/11, artsedsw collectively:

  • worked with over 41,442 5 - 19 year olds
  • worked with over 3,951  under 5s
  • managed over 443 projects and events
  • provided employment for over 790 artists
  • held 152 events for artists and arts organisations
  • were joined at their events by 30,754 adults and children
  • trained over 2,181 teachers and teaching assistants, including staff from cultural organisations (such as libraries, museums and archives), arts organisations, local authorities and other bodies
  • responded to over 70,542 requests for advice and support

The work we do impacts on Children and Young People Plans and Every Child Matters outcomes. We don’t limit ourselves to arts and education either; we work with social services teams, planning departments and culture and leisure services putting innovative creative arts into their education programmes too.

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